Teresa Chibeka Helping Hand Global

Equiping communities to empower disenfrachised youth, Women & the Girl child for Education, Leadership, Elevation and Innovative transformation through Mentorship and Film

Disenfrachised  today, A Leader Tomorrow.

Education for every child.

One Life Can Make a Difference
Teresa Chibeka Helping Hand 
We are an international organizion making a difference where it matters most, in Leadership training and development, Education support and supplies that make education possible in the most desperate regions, Enterprenuership and Economic development in Africa and around the world, Woman Empowerment and Equipping for Success, and Confidence to follow authentic dreams, Wellness and Personal development Mentorship programs that elevate the consciousness of humanity, Collaboration and support for other None governmental organizations and finally Media and film for innovation, creativity and dream building. Helping us is helping all those around the world who care about legacy, conscientious leadership, economic development and innovation right around the world. We believe We is the operating strategic principle of success. We stand for We the people. Help us make this happen around the world. We are currently impacting lives in Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya , Uganda and here at home in the USA. Our Global Red Carpet Gala is a platform builder and a safe place for collaboration of businesses and great minds.
 One thing that sets us apart is that all our programs are geared to improving the whole person and we have gone out of our way to create coaching mentorship programs that make it possible for us not just to improve the econimic situation of the communities we serve but also to change how our communities think, live and impact generations after us. We work with children and youth who are the future of our nations, here at home and abroad. We create enviroments that foster innovation, creativity and vision through media and film. We also work with women who impact the children at home more than anyone else in the family.
We believe inspiration is the life that births creativity thus all our programs are inspirational in nature. We are very proud of the " catch me in Person" mentorship program which is used to help both the youth and adults to plan for success and re-write their stories to fit their new found values and meaning in life. Transformation is at the center of all we do because we beleive every person is born with the power of greatness within. We are also proud of our Mentor Coaching training Program for mentors who impact and help us mentor the kids and adults around the world. We believe it is not only our resposibility but our God given right to help our world become better one person at a time and improve one community at a time.
We hold a yearly Gala in 5 different countries in honor of ressillience, distinction and achievement. It is also a platform builder for collaboration and entreprenueship.

 Jennifer C Turner
 Founder/Trainer/Head Neuro- Mentor Coach

Teresa Chibeka Helping Hand Foundation was started in honor of my late mother Teresa Chibeka who taught me how to love and serve my community with value and meaning.  She was an amazing woman who was the center of her community and helped change lives.  As a young  single woman with two children, she almost died from starvation but one person made a difference in her life and she never forgat. She dedicated her whole life to helping those in need in her community. its in her honor that this foundation is established. To my lovely mother and friend.
Jennifer C Turner Founder.